Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase on the news, in social media posts, or even in conversations with friends—“He’s cancelled.” The movement of ‘cancelling’ people truly took off in 2020, follows a typical script: a person in the public eye says or does something unacceptable, or something unacceptable is recovered from his or her past, and […]

“I had no regrets after my baby was born. I love it when he smiles his big, beautiful toothless smile. All I see is those cute gums! I can’t wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with him!” Ariana* went on and on about all of the adorable things her baby was doing. At the time […]

With the holiday season in full-swing, gifts—and their respective buying, making, wrapping, giving, and receiving—are on the forefront of most of our minds. We get excited to give Christmas gifts that we purchased back on Black Friday and recall the donations we made on Giving Tuesday.  We might spend time teaching children about the joy […]

Written by: María Belén Eyheramonho Two millenniums ago, Baby Jesus was born. There was no room for Him, and many hardened hearts even tried to kill Him. Nowadays, we want to make room for Him, welcoming every baby, every life. Today we propose you a Pro-Life Christmas Challenge:one little action to perform each day from […]

Trying times certainly make it more difficult to be thankful. Our current concerns, sadness, and anger simmers when we see how our faith, values, vote, and country trampled.  It is disheartening to witness our fellow countrymen seemingly buy into a foreign value system that disavows our nation’s founding, the liberties that give it life and […]

Simple vs. complicated The core belief of the pro-life movement is simple. It is wrong to end an innocent human life. With science on our side, it is a fact that life begins at conception. Therefore all abortions at any stage in pregnancy are wrong. It really is that simple. The core beliefs of the […]

Brianna* already had an ultrasound when she called the Options United helpline. She was still considering an abortion because she did not believe her baby’s father wanted her to go through with her pregnancy. Feeling alone and lost she was desperately seeking answers. An abortion seemed like an easy solution that would make her worries […]

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, once unknown to anyone outside of South Bend, Indiana, has recently captured the attention of the American people.  As a nominee to Supreme Court of the United States, she has faced hours of questioning from U.S. senators during her confirmation hearings. Throughout the intense process her calm demeanor, posture, eloquence, and […]

When those who support legalized abortion discuss their rationale for believing so, they often bring up scenarios of women and young girls who have faced unplanned pregnancies, stating that abortion is the most compassionate way to offer these individuals support during such a stressful time. These proponents of abortion appeal to the hearts of their […]