Fetal Tissue Research

Congress and the Trump administration are considering whether federal funds should be used for fetal tissue research.

Already the Trump administration has proven to be a friend for the life-affirming community by taking strong positions regarding funding for abortion providers and filling positions with people who have life-friendly values.

Regarding fetal tissue, early this year the administration has terminated a government contract to buy fetal tissue from a research firm and will conduct an audit of any such research subsidized by federal taxpayers.

“Fetal tissue research has become a $100 million industry. Despite this bonanza, companies that procure fetal tissue for researchers operate with little to no oversight.

In one particularly disturbing instance, a consent form given to women at a Planned Parenthood clinic to procure the tissue from aborted babies claimed that fetal tissue research has led to a “cure for such diseases as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and AIDS.”

Ethical alternatives to tissue derived in abortions includesources from the placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, discarded surgicaltissue, and postmortem tissue.”

When Prayer Guides the Way: A Save Story

In 2014 we launched the App for Life that connects women and families threatened by abortion with app users who can pray for each woman and family in real time. With the counseling by Options United, this prayerful accompaniment saves lives like in this story of Mia*.

Mia* first called Options United when she discovered she was pregnant with what would be the couple’s fifth child. Her fiancé had three girls from a previous relationship and she also had two girls. She did not tell anyone else about her pregnancy.

Options United followed-up with Mia while she was sitting in the abortion clinic. While sitting there, Mia began have to second thoughts. She called her fiancé and told him where she was. Her fiancé was THRILLED to find out she was pregnant and told her to leave the abortion clinic immediately.

As she stepped out of the clinic, Mia ran into prayer warriors who surrounded her with praying hands and love when she told them she had changed her mind. She felt filled with prayer and joy. Her daughters saw what was happening and came to join her. When they found out she was pregnant they too were overwhelmed and thrilled. Her oldest daughter comforted her mom, telling her that everything would work out.

When Mia got back in touch with OU, she said she felt so affirmed in her choice for life. She understood the power of prayer and felt lifted by it. What she didn’t know was that from her very first call, Mia had been accompanied by the prayers of the OU staff!

The power of prayer in helping women choose life is real.

Options United December 5, 2018 Blog, Saves

What is in a Name

Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind our name? It is not a traditional pro-life moniker — neither “options” nor “united” are often found in pro-life group names.

That’s because we’re all about changing the game in the pro-life movement. Both parts of ourname speak to our mission to end abortion everywhere.

Let’s start with “options”

Women in this country are overwhelmingly told they have no options. In vulnerable situations they are only presented with one way forward. By utilizing and strengthening the national pro-life clinic network, we are educating pregnant women about their many options. Including their most important one: to choose life.

What about “united”?

There’s a lot of meaning packed into this one word. First of all, we use digital marketing and technology to unite pro-life efforts and collaborative initiatives. Working together we will go further in our fight for life. If we are not united, then we pay a 500% premium in digital advertising; this markup makes it almost impossible to compete with abortion providers.

There’s a second, more basic, reason we have “united” in our name. We believe that we were all created equally. We as a human race come from one Creator, one common source. Despite our apparent differences, we are fundamentally united. This connection drives all of us, beyond the concepts of ideologies and philosophies, to protect the most vulnerable.

So what’s in a name? Our mission, our method and our unifying values.

Take part in these values by considering giving just $76. Why $76? Because our research has shown that that’s all it takes to save a child’s life. www.optionsunited.com/donate

Thanks for being part of our mission to save the unborn.

Nov 27