Maddie’s Story

Pressured to abort, Maddie chose to continue her pregnany after a call into the Options United helpline. The call led her to a pregnancy center nearby in which she had questions about the progression of her pregnancy and the development of her baby. Through this she experienced the same attentive care that she received from the crisis call responder at Options United. Throughout the follow up calls in order to keep in touch with her and ensuring she’s receiving all the support she needs, Maddie consistently mentioned how happy she had become.

“Thank you so much for helping me right from the beginning of my journey. For helping me understand that the life of a baby is so important. My princess is finally here and I do feel so happy.”

“Truthfully, I feel so happy carrying a piece of me, changing her and holding her. My baby gives me so much happiness.”

From pregnancy until the birth of a child and beyond it truly is a journey. It can be terrifying when you’re in a situation that does not seem ideal for you to become a mother. This is why having a helpline available to lead women to resources on her journey before, during, and after pregnancy is so important.

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