Gia’s Story

Gia* could not be a mother given her circumstances at the time she discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t want to reach out to anyone or any organization instead she searched where to find an abortion. On the Options for Pregnancy website there is a chat feature, there she typed in that she was looking for an abortion. Since Options United does not and will never refer a mother to an abortion clinic, the call responder asked if she would like to receive a call instead of discussing her sensitive issues through chat.

A previously reluctant Gia agreed to the call.

In this call, Gia was able to talk through the issues she was experiencing. The call responder led her to a pregnancy clinic near her location. Through the call and her experience at the pregnancy clinic, Gia chose not to parent her child. Instead, she lovingly carried her child throughout her pregnancy and then her baby was adopted through a life-affirming agency.

Parenting should always be the first consideration when a woman unexpectedly finds herself pregnant. Often it is fear that causes women to seek out abortions. At Options United, when she reaches out for help, expressing her concerns for her own future as well as her child’s is the first step in working out how to handle her individual situation. Every situation is unique, however many are similar. Fear of potential financial hardship or judgment from others is quite common. These situations are easily navigated through the correct resources. However, some situations are more complex. If this is the case, adoption is often a preferred solution.

Gia* chose adoption not because she was giving up on her child but because she wanted to give her child a chance at life.

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