Kendra’s Story

Facing uncertainty in one’s life is uncomfortable and unwanted. Kendra* had a vision of how her life was suppose to go and it did not include an unplanned pregnancy. Yet, on that particular day she found herself staring at a positive pregnancy test. It felt unreal. She was certain that keeping her baby would result in much suffering. Her financial situation was not ideal and the thought of raising a baby on her limited means seemed impossible.

She was also concerned how an unplanned pregnancy would affect her relationship with her family. The disappointment she imaged she would receive from her family was devastating. She started to feel regretful and full of shame. With all of the negative thoughts in her mind she was unable to see the potential joy a child would bring in her life.

Our lives rarely go as planned. In fact, it is surprising when things go exactly the way we imagine them to go. Many times the outcome of our lives that go unexpectedly become the greatest moments of our lives.

It was after Kendra* contacted Options United that she started to clear her mind of her past expectations and started to look forward to her future. She chose to keep her baby and describes motherhood as amazing. Her precious baby boy not only brings her joy but brings joy to all that are around him. Life is a gift from God. To be pro-life is to celebrate this gift and to lead others to see the joy that pregnancy brings. Not only is it a gift to be born but it is a gift to live. Our lives may not always go as planned but often that makes it all the more amazing.