Kendra’s Story

Facing uncertainty in one’s life is uncomfortable and unwanted. Kendra* had a vision of how her life was suppose to go and it did not include an unplanned pregnancy. Yet, on that particular day she found herself staring at a positive pregnancy test. It felt unreal. She was certain that keeping her baby would result […]

Fully pro-life

When talking pro-life issues among a group of women, there are generally two categories on the abortion debate: pro-life and pro-choice. There is also a neutral party: personally pro-life. If someone states she is personally pro-life, she is inferring that personally she would not have an abortion, but it is not her place to stop […]

Gia’s Story

Gia* could not be a mother given her circumstances at the time she discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t want to reach out to anyone or any organization instead she searched where to find an abortion. On the Options for Pregnancy website there is a chat feature, there she typed in that she was looking […]

Ava’s Story

Ava* was already a mother of three girls. Finding out she was pregnant would not only require sacrifice from her but from her other children as well. She was afraid what the future held for her family. An internet search on Google lead her to the Options United helpline. Options United leads a mother to […]

Respecting Life

Respecting life calls for consistency and compassion. A person who claims they respect life without consistency runs risk of being hypocritical. Just as important as the first, it is not possible to respect another life without having compassion first. Respecting life starts at conception. Life is a series of stages and one’s worth cannot be […]

Maddie’s Story

Pressured to abort, Maddie chose to continue her pregnany after a call into the Options United helpline. The call led her to a pregnancy center nearby in which she had questions about the progression of her pregnancy and the development of her baby. Through this she experienced the same attentive care that she received from […]

Pro-life with love

Perhaps it is an easy route to present the opposing side with facts in support of our viewpoints. Yet, is this the most effective route? When answering that question under an Options United lens, the answer is a resounding no. The mission of Options United and pregnancy centers is to help women and their families […]