The Normalization of Abortion

Have you ever looked back at old photos of yourself and thought about how much you’ve changed? Your fashion choices or hairstyle may be drastically different. You may have aged and only notice when you compare now to then. These changes often go unnoticed in your day to day. The gradual change is hardly ever shocking but when you reflect back on times years ago it is easy to see the drastic differences.

From Rare to Normal

The subtle changes have shaped what pro-choicers agree to be acceptable. When the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade ruled in favor of “Jane Roe”, a devastating decision for the pro-life community, the attitude on abortion was portrayed vastly differently than it is today. Abortion was viewed as necessary in some cases but it was never glorified or celebrated.

With the age of viability becoming earlier than ever and the knowledge of a developing fetus clearly favoring pro-life values it would seem that abortion would be less accepted. It should be seen by more as something extreme, uncommon, and only used as a last resort. Yet it has become more glorified, celebrated, and normalized.

The abortion industry understates language by using oversimplified terms to describe the abortion process. They will never refer to the baby as such or even acknowledge that the baby is human life but rather “the pregnancy” or “tissue”.

The focus is also shifted on younger women. Teen magazines regularly cover abortion as if it is a normal part of the adolescent years. Many articles are written to minimize what abortion truly entails instead of describing the true process of abortion. Live Action a pro-life organization releases media showing the true horrors of abortion. You can watch the video from Live Action here.

An example of an article is one on what to gift a friend who undergoes an abortion. Things like heating pads or period proof underwear are suggested since “there will be a lot of blood”. You can read the article here.

Viral Pro-Abortion Experiences

It is not only found in publications such as magazines. Now there are trends of first hand experiences with abortion with TikTiok videos are going viral. One video (click here to watch on YouTube) shows a young woman dancing and then traveling to a local Planned Parenthood to apparently receive her second abortion.

Another viral pro-abortion video (click here to watch) shows a mother anticipating the gender of her baby. It starts off sweet then shows her getting an ultrasound. After the ultrasound it cuts to her at home holding a sign “It’s a….” and the next paper reveals “borted”. So, she’s not the mother of a baby girl or boy but rather an aborted baby. An attempt to be funny is simply tasteless and devastating to pro-lifers.

A popular TikTok user @abortioncounselor regularly makes videos in regards to abortions. The videos range from what to wear during and after abortions to pretending she is a fetus dancing right before the abortion is performed.

It is difficult to have sympathy for these young women while they excitedly share their abortions experiences with the world. It isn’t only tragic for their babies but the many other women they are influencing to receive abortions under the notion that it is no big deal. It is incredibly sad and distasteful but I still pray for their change of heart.

How Pro-Lifers Can Stop the Normalization of Abortion

Pro-life organizations and advocates are disturbed by the normalization of abortion. Together we hope to stop the horrors of abortion. Although no two organizations are completely alike they all serve a common goal to end abortion through various methods.


It’s important to spread information about abortion to reveal the truth . There are other options rather than abortion that do not involve the taking of an innocent human life. There are also lots of science based articles and information showing the truth of what an abortion truly entails.

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy centers and clinics hold an important place in fulfilling the pro-life mission. They give pregnant women and families hope. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is scary and not having enough support can feel hopeless. Pregnancy centers give these women resources that truly empower them to not only be strong women but also strong mothers. Many will offer free supplies, care and parenting classes.

Prayer and Loving Support

Some issues are too big for us to handle on our own so we turn to God. There are organizations that exist to unite pro-lifers in prayer to end abortion. Whether it’s an organization, a small group, or someone acting individually each serve an important purpose in ending abortion. Some may prayer in private while others join together at abortion clinics. These sidewalk counselors offer prayer and also information on where to seek care at life-affirming clinics and centers. Many pro-abortion advocates portray these pro-lifers as harassing women seeking abortion. This could not be further from the truth. The majority use peaceful techniques and are often quietly praying near the clinic.

How Options United Helps

Many organizations and advocates use a mix of these methods. Options United uses all of these methods. The helpline is a critical part of our organization. Women seeking abortions often turn to the internet to do their own research. Through donations and outreach we help them find our helpline. When they call, a trained call responder listens to their concerns and helps them sort through their own doubts. Options United partners with local pregnancy centers and clinics for these women to receive resources and care. We also continue with follow up calls to ensure they know we are there for them throughout their pregnancy or after. The AppForLife was launched so that you can pray in real time for women seeking abortions who have called in to the helpline. Lastly, through social media and the Options United website we help reveal the truth about abortion and share the stories of women who have chosen life.

As pro-lifers we are in this together! It is not about the specific way you contribute or how much money you donate but rather the amount of love you put into ending abortion. When you like or share Options United’s content you are helping to spread the pro-life message. It’s also helping when you pray for the women seeking abortion. And when you donate you’re helping Options United reach women so that they seek options before deciding on the devastating decision to have an abortion.

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