Cultural Suicide

Fear is a powerful force. It can sometimes overshadow our reason.

Think of what motivates major cultural movements today: decisions to terminate a pregnancy, global warming alarmists, the demagoguery of cable news and local leaders and the over-population zealots.  What is the common denominator?  It is all fear based.

Instead of approaching these issues with calm confidence, virtuous living and measured approach, we are told the “end is near” and it is “not possible” and “there is not enough money” to resolve my problems. The push is for a quick easy way or else bad things happen to you.

Yet we have learned the lessons from many generations past that there is an alternative way.  From Genesis 15:1 to Hebrews 13:6: (“So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”) we have learned what it takes to build and sustain Christian culture. A towering culture has endured for centuries by not following the herd over the cliff.

Though it may seem that we are we entering a new stage in which faith and reason no longer drive culture, it would be wrong for us to let this happen.  We would betray who we are as a country.  Yes, it would be cultural suicide to let half-truths of a political class and fear of this or other viruses make us lose our way.

Right now too many are buying the current shutdown fears.  Mask-shamers abound and now, even sending kids to school is unthinkable.  As this article points to causes, we should all take a firm hold onto the light of faith and the power of reason.  Fear cannot replace truth and confidence in each other and the future.  Be Not Afraid.

“A person’s choice is prized more highly than truth, and so a man is allowed to proclaim that he is a woman, despite the clear scientific evidence to the contrary. Choice ranks higher than life itself..” (read more)


Our culture is attempting suicide