Mya’s Story

2020 has been a year of uncertainties. For Mya* it has been life-changing. While waiting on the results of her pregnancy test she was already thinking of how she would pay for an abortion.

The coronavirus pandemic brought new fears and economic troubles. Having a baby during this time seemed more than an inconvenience but rather a destructive choice. Mya* believed abortion was the only logical solution. But there was still something telling her to consider other options.

Instead of setting up her abortion appointment right away she called Options United. It was only after talking to the call responder that she realized abortion would be the the destructive choice. She discovered that she was seeking an abortion out of fear.

Mya* spent a lot of time praying which led her to telling her family she was pregnant. To her surprise, her family was very supportive of her pregnancy.

She thanks Options United for helping her avoid a decision that would have robbed her from receiving the blessing that is her child. We are so grateful she called and talked to one of our gracious call responders who helped her and saved her baby’s life.