Peyton’s Story

“I had so many doubts.”

If you’re currently expecting a child you may know the feeling of doubts in pregnancy. Or if you’re already a mother or father you can recall the doubts during that time.

Doubts about the baby’s health.
Doubts about childbirth.
Doubts about child rearing.
And so on…

Doubts and anxiety do not stop once the baby is born. Actually, they don’t start only during pregnancy even while trying to conceive many doubts may plague our minds.

For some, these doubts when paired with other issues in their lives cause them to seek a solution to a so called problem of being pregnant.

There is too much misinformation online about abortion. Swaying the opinion of vulnerable mothers in situations where they see no solution causing them to choose abortion. Or perhaps they know they are growing a life yet still seek an abortion because it is considered acceptable by our society’s laws.

Whatever the reason may be—whether they are blatantly lied to or they accept abortion as some kind of lesser evil to being born to a difficult life, we are grateful when abortion minded mothers call us for help. Yet, we are not the only ones that are grateful.

During Peyton’s* follow up call she stated she was grateful to the pregnancy resource center that we referred her to—“my thoughts began to change from the rapid response I received from the staff about all my doubts”.

She also stated “thanks be to God I was able to speak to right person to help me change my view” in reference to the call responder at Options United.