Promoting a culture of life

In recent years, more individuals within the pro-life movement have emphasized the importance of conveying a wholistic approach to the pro-life cause. This work is vital to the pro-life movement, because it authentically conveys the credibility of the pro-life movement to those who attack the pro-life cause as nothing more than ‘pro-birth.’ The phrase ‘pro-birth’ is meant as an attack on the pro-life movement and its supporters by painting the movement as a cause that does not care about mothers and their children after they choose life. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Adopting a wholistic mindset to being pro-life—frequently conveyed by words and phrases such as ‘pro-life for the whole life’ and ‘consistent life ethic’—is essential in order to convey to mainstream culture what is at the heart of the pro-life movement: transforming our culture into a culture of life.

Rather than embracing the inherent dignity and worth of every human person, our culture values only those whose lives are convenient and able to produce and contribute to society economically. This cultural mindset is evident when we see how our country treats children—both born and unborn—the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, to name a few. To promote a culture of life, we must be the change we wish to see in our society by treating every person we encounter as someone of dignity and worth, and by fighting for the lives of these marginalized groups of people who are so often silenced and oppressed in our culture.

This can feel like an overwhelming task, and at times it can be hard to know where to begin. Here at Options United, we believe this fight for a culture of life begins with the unborn and by supporting expectant mothers. We strive to promote a culture of life by connecting expectant mothers with life-saving and life-affirming resources and with the people in their communities who will walk alongside them, be there for them, and cheer them on as they embrace both their babies and their dreams. Our work goes beyond general statements reiterating the importance of projecting unborn babies; rather, we ensure that in protecting the lives of the unborn we also protect expectant mothers and provide them with the care they need in order to thrive.

Perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you desire to do more for the pro-life movement and promote the culture of life not just with words but with actions too. Perhaps also, other commitments or conditions prevent you from being able to volunteer at your local pregnancy resource centers. Options United would love you to partner with us in our mission of helping mothers choose life. Donations are vital to the work that we do and enable us to continue our work. Please click on the link below to donate today and help us promote a true culture of life!

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