The truth about pregnancy centers

Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

Over the years pregnancy centers have earned a bad and unfair reputation from media sources and pro choice individuals. They claim these pro life facilities lie and deceive women and that they only care about them up until the baby is born. But these claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are three common myths about pregnancy centers.

FALSE: Pregnancy centers cannot provide medical care.

Pregnancy centers offer a wide range of services including pregnancy tests, medical referrals, ultrasound, parenting classes, post-abortion care and material assistance. All which are provided for free. These centers are equipped with trained professionals who operate under the license of a practicing physician.

FALSE: Pregnancy centers lie about abortion.

The women who come to or call these centers are well listened to and informed of their options with an unplanned pregnancy. Abortion is discussed with them and they are informed about what happens during an abortion in each trimester. The information they are provided with is scientifically and medically accurate. Pregnancy centers will not refer a woman to an abortion clinic but that is not lying about it.

FALSE: Pregnancy centers mislead women.

Seeing as these centers provide post-abortion support they have seen many different scenarios of how an abortion may impact a woman. Having an abortion comes with emotional, physical and mental burdens and these clinics do not overdramatize them like pro choice groups claim. Not every women responds to abortion the same but acting as if they do is the real lie.

TRUE: Pregnancy centers provide services after the baby is born.

Along with these claims there is the one about pro life centers only caring about these women up until the baby is born. Pregnancy centers provide support for these women as long as the women want it. They don’t just turn them away once they give birth. Options United partners with pregnancy centers to help women with unplanned pregnancy from the moment they find out they are pregnant up until they decide they no longer need support. Most of these centers are also Christian based and they provide services to help these women change their lives and/or lifestyles for the better.

Fighting back against false information

The negative claims of these clinics portrayed by the media are not only false but harmful to women with unplanned pregnancies seeking help. By pushing this false narrative women think abortion clinics are their only options when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. The media will more than likely never quit pushing these myths but there is hope. Pregnancy centers are growing quickly and now outnumber abortion clinics 3 to 1 in the United States. Our hope at Options United is that clinics will keep growing and we can continue to guide women to the compassionate care they need during a difficult time.