Over a decade of saves

Recently, pro-choice supporters have called out Pregnancy Resource Centers calling them “fake clinics” and stating they are misguiding women wanting abortion services. When a mother calls in to Options United seeking help for an unplanned pregnancy, we listen. Each mother is facing a unique situation, some are similar but mostly they are scared, overwhelmed, or both. An abortion would be a quick fix but comes with dire ramifications and we know this.

We will never suggest a mother have an abortion as a solution to her pregnancy. We are also transparent with mothers who call in. The pregnancy centers we partner with also care about the trust of their patients and are transparent with them. This is sometimes met with anger and harshness from the mother on the other end of the call. It can be difficult for our call responders to hear this as they are all very much pro-life yet they continue to listen to her concerns on hopes that she will pause enough to choose life for her child.

Our call responders are highly trained in crisis situations and are able to allow these women to be heard. We are not wasting their time but rather giving them a chance to consider her options, praying for her and her child, and providing her with resources so that she is not alone in this.

The lie that is being pushed that pregnancy resource centers are “fake clinics” is denying women the free or reduced cost health care that they do desperately need, especially prenatal care.

Maternal complications and death rates are significantly reduced when proper prenatal care is available. Some of these women have nobody in their corner to advocate for them and that’s what we and the pregnancy resource centers we partner with are also doing.

Options United was established over 10 years ago. Some of the first babies that were saved because their mothers chose life after calling our helpline are growing up and have already surpassed the mid-mark of their childhoods. How many of these precious lives may have been terminated if their mothers did not reach out for help before walking into the abortion clinic?

How can pregnancy resource centers be called “fake clinics” when they’ve resulted in so many lives saved and helped mothers receive comprehensive care for themselves and their children?

It is through your support that all of these saves throughout the years have been possible. We couldn’t have done it without you or without PRCs and we’re forever grateful for that as are the mothers who chose life for their children.