How to handle the negative opinions on the overturning of Roe v. Wade

As many other pro-life supporters I rejoiced at the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We should be celebrating and I will forever remember 2022 as the year Roe was finally overturned. What I didn’t anticipate was the reactions from pro-choice supporters and how incredibly disheartening they were to hear. Pro-choice politicians, major companies, and celebrities all gave their expected and typical input. However, it was reactions from pro-choice individuals that brought the most discouragement.

Reactions from pro-choice politicians

Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Joe Biden, among others are speaking about codifying Roe into federal law. This is frustrating because the overturning gave the power back to state level leaving the matter of abortion to the voters in their respective states. Talks of codifying Roe after this leaves the door open to bring the ruling of 1973 back to life. Although, as it stands now the risk is low considering they will not receive enough votes in the Senate considering those who have pledged to strike the legislation down. There are also talks of ending the filibuster in order to get the votes needed to codify Roe. This is also of low risk right now considering 60 votes would be needed. It is unlikely to happen.

However, this could be a reality in the future. Considering where politicians stand on the issue of abortion is important in deciding whether or not they get your vote. Equally important is holding them accountable while in office.

The reaction from pro-choice politicians was mostly expected but also reminded me to continue to pay attention to the various tactics they may use under the guise of women’s reproductive rights.

Reactions from major companies and celebrities

Major companies like Amazon and Netflix are vowing to pay for employees abortion costs. From a business perspective, this makes sense as it keeps women in the workplace. It is more cost effective to pay for an abortion rather than their maternity leave. Looking from a different perspective, why would anyone want to work for a company that values their work output rather than them as a person?

A positive outcome from these poor business practices was that of other businesses who are vowing to offer paid family leave, reimbursement of adoption costs, and other family friendly policies. It’s refreshing to see this and it’s likely other businesses will choose to implement these policies as well.

Celebrities in Hollywood reacted to the news with sorrow and sadness. As an adult, I give little thought to what celebrities think on important issues but the impact they have on younger generations is not to be ignored. The best advice I can give to combat this is parents should be giving their children positive role models instead of them looking for guidance in celebrities.

So, although reactions from major companies and celebrities were expected they were disappointing.

Reactions from regular people

It was the reactions of the regular people that caused the biggest discouragement in me. It’s hard to understand why anyone would defend the slaughter of innocent children. Perhaps some are misguided into thinking an abortion is an acceptable treatment to an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Women in these situations deserve options and support but the answer is not and never will be abortion.

Women deserve better. I know this and if you’re pro-life you know this too. It can be frustrating to read opposing views of those supporting something as barbaric as abortion. When I am discouraged in humanity, I turn to God. It’s difficult to understand why this is happening to innocent children. Instead carrying the burden of sadness and confusion on why this continues to happen we need to cast our anxieties onto Him.