Jada* and Shawn’s* Story

Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

Father, a title just about any man would love to hold one day. What about the fathers that don’t get the chance or the choice to become one?

Often and especially spoken by those who are pro-life, fathers are painted as the villain in unplanned pregnancy stories. However, this is not always the case. Fathers are often eliminated from the decision of their child’s fate. The pro-choice movement has somehow taken it upon themselves to make the decision that men shouldn’t have a say if a woman gets an abortion or not.

In Jada* and Shawn’s* story, together they chose life for their baby. Their experience at the pregnancy clinic was positive from the kindness and attentive care they received from staff. After their visit, they prayed about what would be best for their baby. That is what ultimately led to their decision to be parents.

The helpline at Options United not only gets calls from women but men too. Men who don’t want to lose their child or men who have regret over having made the decision to abort in the past. The pro life movement needs more men. We need more men to stand up against the stigma and help set an example of looking out for the unborn. And to help encourage those men who want to earn the title of father to speak up and defend their unborn child.

We often ask for you to pray with us for abortion-minded women that call into our helpline. Would you also pray for fathers? Pray that they may encourage their partners or wives to choose life for their children and that they can celebrate Father’s Day as fathers themselves.