Don’t be on the sidelines of the pro-life movement

If you share a post on your social media advocating to stop the abuse of dogs it’s unlikely you’ll receive any sort of backlash. However, the same cannot be said when advocating for the unborn. Throughout 2020 I became more vocal about my support for the pro-life movement. In response I received lots of backlash from followers on my social media.

I started being more passionate about the pro-life movement after viewing a video on abortion. Towards the end of the video pieces of the aborted baby were shown. It was graphic and when I saw a partial piece of the baby’s face I knew I could not remain silent anymore. Abortion is barbaric. It is not woman’s choice. It is a barbaric procedure that results in the killing of an innocent life. We all have a moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Abortion was responsible for the deaths of 42 million deaths worldwide in the year 2020 alone. (source) Every year there is a holocaust on the most vulnerable inhabitants of our world—the precious unborn.

Why is this allowed to happen? One theory is that it is unseen. An abortion happens in the womb. The mother cannot see her child being killed, the wool is pulled over her eyes. However, what is the difference? If the barbaric procedures of an abortion happened outside the womb it would be without a doubt pure murder. Check out the testimonies of former abortion workers. Watch it here. WARNING: Watch with caution. Their testimonies are shocking. There is also the well-known case of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who was convicted of murdering three infants who were born alive due to botched abortions. But it is highly suggested there were many more infants he murdered after botched abortions. There’s a book written on him and the atrocities he committed. Buy it here. I attempted to read the book but could not make it past the first chapter due to how horrifying it was.

So is it worth losing some popularity with a few of my friends or followers to stand up for the unborn? Absolutely. I have a moral duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Just because no one except the abortion workers can see the procedure of the abortion doesn’t mean it isn’t horrific. Or just because we cannot see the unborn baby wince in pain or scream doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt them. These tiny human beings deserve every bit of respect that anyone does after they are born. To deny them that is morally wrong.

Women are also blatantly lied to abort what an abortion entails. During an abortion a pregnancy is not removed—it is the mother’s unborn child that is killed then removed. This is not a clump of cells, this is a developing person—some more developed than others but always human. And if a woman does realize her pregnancy involves a live, developing child she is led to believe abortion is normal. It is a fail-safe plan to avoid parenthood. Yet, millions of couples are waiting to adopt these so-called unwanted children. Or she’s led to believe she’s not capable of mothering her child and rather, abortion is a better option. It’s a disservice to women to not tell them the whole truth.

And also, protection of the unborn is the foundation for human rights in our society. When we allow abortion to become accepted it becomes a slippery slope to other human rights violations. Read more here. The pro-life movement is growing and getting stronger. There are more people who identify as pro-life rather than pro-choice (source) Yet, it still seems as if the pro-choice side has a bigger following. It’s because so many pro-life supporters are afraid of the backlash they may receive for their beliefs. But it is time to be a voice for the unborn. The pro-choice argument is loud and that’s the tactic they use to get noticed. We don’t need to be loud but we do need to be more vocal. It is not the time to stand on the sidelines anymore—we’ve got to get into the game. So, speak up but do so in a loving, respectful, and factual way. Science is on the pro-life side. Life begins at conception therefore abortion at any stage is wrong. It’s that simple.

We cannot be complacent anymore. The more complacent and silent we are with abortion the more comfortable we get with it. We must continually remind ourselves that the unborn cannot fight for themselves and we must be their voices. We cannot be afraid of the backlash we receive. We have to be a voice for the unborn.