Rachel’s Story

Rachel* and her husband did not feel prepared in any way to welcome a child at the time of her pregnancy. They were still newlyweds and an unexpected pregnancy was straining their relationship.

Unsure on how they would be parents, they talked about having an abortion. Actually, they had many conversations about getting an abortion. Although, an abortion seemed like an answer to their problem—the more they discussed it, the more it caused other problems in their new marriage.

So, Rachel* reached out to us at Options United. During the call, she expressed her concerns about not being ready to be a parent. She also stated how her husband felt the same way. They were sure they wouldn’t be able to handle parenting. Yet, the closer they would come to agreeing to an abortion the more wrong it felt.

Our call responder, Sara* listened to her concerns and asked when would be a good time for them to be parents. Not being able to answer, Rachel* took time to consider the other option—parenting. The more her and her husband talked about parenting the more right it felt.

During the follow up call, Rachel* let Sara* know she chose life! It was because when they started talking about being parents it was if the strain on their marriage started to lift. She also said that the kindness Sara* had shown over the phone put her at ease and helped clear her mind.

While they were on one of the last follow up calls, Rachel* excitedly shared how she loves feeling her son kick. She stated not only have they become accustomed to the idea of being parents but they already loved him so much. “It’s difficult to think we were so seriously contemplating abortion.”

When Rachel* first found out she was pregnant she felt as if the world was collapsing around her. Now she’s change her perspective and cannot wait for the arrival of her son and for him to be her whole world.