Christina’s Story

Christina* was basically homeless when she received a positive pregnancy test. She was staying with a close friend so thankfully she was not out on the streets. Although she was grateful for her friend’s generosity, Christina* felt abandoned by her family. And the recent news of her pregnancy made her situation seemed impossible.

She thought abortion must be the answer.

But abortion wasn’t the answer. One phone call impacted her life in an unexpected way. That was the call she made to us. She later stated that the way our call responders spoke to her in a caring manner was why she decided to follow through with her pregnancy. This simple act of listening to her concerns and letting her know that she had options is what saved her baby’s life.

She went to the pregnancy resource center we recommended and was again comforted by a caring staff that addressed all of her needs. She was feeling more and more prepared to be a mother.

Then Christina* hit a roadblock in her pregnancy. She didn’t like her doctor. The center had recommended a few doctors for her to see throughout her pregnancy and the one she had chosen was not a good fit. For anyone who’s ever be pregnant the relationship you have with your doctor is crucial. Not only is your doctor responsible for your health and safety but also your child’s. Since our staff and the staff at the clinic were attentive and caring, she felt more than comfortable to reach out again. This time she was able to find a doctor she felt aligned with her values and needs better,

“You and everyone that helped me with my pregnancy are like walking angels and guardians. I just want to thank you and them for everything.” We are grateful that Christina* felt supported by us and those we recommended to her.

We are also grateful for our supporters as well. Without donations and prayers none of this would be possible!