“Can we pray for you?”

Every baby that is saved from the horrific death sentence of abortion is a joyous event. Yet, the work we do at Options United is much more than saving the lives of babies. It is our core mission to help mothers choose life but with your help we’re able to achieve so much more.

During each call and every chat the responders at Options United ask “can we pray for you?” The response that follows is often yes in which usually it’s a mother seeking an abortion is placed on a prayer list. You can pray for them in real time as well, download our AppForLife here.

Praying for those seeking abortion is powerful and when we pray together it is more effective. Last month, we posted about the power in prayer—you can read about it here. However, aside from the power of prayer it also opens the door to lead others to Jesus. Sometimes it is only at a person’s lowest point in which they open their hearts to the message of Jesus. Those who contact the Options United helpline often feel as if they are at their lowest points in their lives. When they experience the concern and care of a stranger they start to feel the love of God thus opening their hearts.

Furthermore if a mother does decide to go to a pregnancy center we’ve partnered with she will most often receive an ultrasound confirming her pregnancy, prenatal care or referral, and the message that her baby’s life and her life are valued. Often on follow up calls the mothers previously seeking abortions will refer to their preborn children as blessings. Not only has her baby been saved from abortion but through the gospel of Jesus there’s a chance to save the mother’s soul as well.

In Mark 16:15 Jesus says to “Go into the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”. Through our helpline we’re able to do this. We’re able to lead others to pregnancy resource centers where staff are also able to proclaim the gospel.

Last month, I wrote a post about the March for Life. Although every speaker had a remarkable story, I was most impacted by Father Mike Schmitz’s story (read more here). His grandmother, the head nurse at the hospital she was employed with, urged the board directors to stop forcing nurses to assist in abortions. When they refused and told her she could leave, she walked out never returned to nursing again. It broke her heart, as she loved helping others and being a nurse. At the time, no one followed her yet her actions that day impacted others generations later. Now Father Mike is an advocate for the preborn changing the course of many lives through the work he does. Whatever you may give big or small, it leaves an impact. Your donation which helps fund calls or chats allows us to not only talk to an abortion minded mother about other options instead of abortion but also helps us proclaim the gospel to those who are lost.