Abortion is fueling societal problems

Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

When looking at the state of the world today it is easy to find sadness and to be discouraged. We live in a very me focused society and one that does not seem to value life. From movies to concerts, television ads to new state laws, everyone is more focused on what is best for themselves and no one else. There is more violence and disregard for human life happening each and every day and that includes for the unborn.

Steven Bozza, a bioethicist, believes abortion is the root cause for our many social problems today. He states “Think of the social problems we see in the news every day- violence, people killing each other. It boils down to disrespect for human life. “When you’re not respecting life in the womb, what makes you think you’ll respect it on the street?” Mr. Bozza isn’t wrong. Science has proven time and time again that life in fact begins at conception so for pro choicers it isn’t a matter of if it is a life but more of is it a life worth value?

When we start to believe that we have control or say so in what life holds value and which one doesn’t we lose a whole other level of respect for humanity. Our society is encouraging women to end their pregnancy for a plethora of reasons, leading them to believe their life is more valuable than that child’s.

In reality no one life holds more value than another. But when raised in this kind of society people will learn it is okay to not respect any other life than their own leading to more violence and killing. It is a vicious cycle that needs to end. Believers and pro lifers need to take a greater stand on this issue.

Being pro-life isn’t just fighting for the unborn but for life at every stage and we need to do more.