It’s impossible for pro-life to stop after pregnancy

When speaking with others who received support during their unplanned pregnancies there is one commonality. That is if they received loving support it made an impact on their lives that lasted forever. Loving support can be shown in many ways from kind words to gifts.  They are all notable to someone who is in need. […]

Maddie’s Story

Pressured to abort, Maddie chose to continue her pregnany after a call into the Options United helpline. The call led her to a pregnancy center nearby in which she had questions about the progression of her pregnancy and the development of her baby. Through this she experienced the same attentive care that she received from […]

Pro-life with love

Perhaps it is an easy route to present the opposing side with facts in support of our viewpoints. Yet, is this the most effective route? When answering that question under an Options United lens, the answer is a resounding no. The mission of Options United and pregnancy centers is to help women and their families […]

Tori’s Story

When you’re not planning to become pregnant it can be quite shocking. A sign outside of a local pregnancy center led Tori into its doors. It was for a free pregnancy test and she wanted to be certain she was pregnant so that she could figure out her next steps. When she was at the […]

Men and Abortion

Written by Julie Stuckenschneider The pro-life movement needs men more than ever and not just for the reasons you would think. Now the other side of this conversation would have you believe that a man isn’t allowed to comment on such things because he isn’t the one carrying the baby. That may be true, but […]

Jesus and Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The first time Jesus reveals he is the Messiah to His disciples was at Caesarea Philippi. We can only speculate why this particular site was chosen perhaps because it was a beautiful area or maybe there was a deeper meaning. Caesarea Philippi was a site with an ancient spring where pagens worshipped the god Pan. […]

Serena’s Story

A second heartbeat within your body is a remarkable sound to hear. Despite efforts to label a preborn child’s heartbeat as manufactured or random cardiac activity, it doesn’t work. During Serena’s* ultrasound she heard her child’s heartbeat. In that moment she knew there was a miracle growing in her body. Her child’s heartbeat was steady […]