What went wrong with Value Them Both

Pro-choice supporters have been given a beacon of hope in a post-Roe America after the Value Them Both amendment was stuck down by Kansas voters on August 2, 2022. Although the loss was devestating to many pro-lifers it should not serve as hope for those in support of abortion.

Division within the pro-life community

The amendment had pro-life supporters divided with some pro-lifers even voting “no”. The language in the amendment disqualified any future legislations to abolish abortion. Abolishment allows abortion to be criminalized. With this possibility being removed, some pro-life voters decided it would be best to hold out for legislation that completely eliminates any possibility of an abortion in their state.

However, even some pro-life Kansans who do not support abolishment of abortion found themselves still found themselves confused on voting of the amendment. The campaign for Value Them Both frequently repeated in a reassuring tone that this amendment in no way makes abortion illegal in the state of Kansas. With this, pro-lifers may have wanted something that provided more protection for preborn children.

Language from the opposing side

Those opposing the amendment used keywords to peak Kansans interest who did not favor pro-life or pro-choice. Slogans boldly stating the proposed amendment would take away Kansans freedom did not sit well for a freedom-loving Midwest state. Of course targeted campaigns towards those that are statistically pro-choice were heavily implemented. It was an easy decision for those on the pro-choice side to vote no whereas some on the pro-life side struggled if they should wait for a stronger amendment to be proposed.

An astronomical increase in abortion for Kansas

It is predicted that in a post-Roe America with many neighboring states having trigger laws against abortion that Kansas will see an increase in abortion around 1000%. However, this does not have to be a reality.

I hope Kansas looks to the model that Options United has set. Options United primarily operates in California, a very abortion-friendly state, but since a decade of forming has moved throughout the United States. It is to show that just because legislation isn’t pro-life friendly doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

Hope for abortion-sanctuary states

California has made an extreme effort to label itself as an abortion-friendly state. However, with our mission we are working harder than ever to stop that from happening.

Pregnancy resource centers outnnumber abortion clinics three to one. Options United unites pregnancy resource centers together through strategic and effective marketing. With this strategy, mothers seeking abortions are able to connect with a pregnancy resource center before they reach out to the abortion clinic. It’s also worth noting, they receive less than 17% of funding from federal funds. Unlike Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities, most of their services are free. How is it that they are outnumbering abortion clinics yet recieving less and still giving so much to mothers who need it? It is because they are being funded by genorosity of people.

People like you that want to see abortion become unthinkable even if we have to make abortion unthinkable one mother at a time.