The uniqueness of pregnancy

You may have heard the weak comparison of pregnancy to a parasitic invasion of one’s body. Sure, a baby in the womb is dependent on his or her mother for survival. A parasite is also dependent on another living being for their survival. However, that’s were the comparison ends. A parasite is a parasite. And a baby is a valuable, worthy life.

Another comparison, which is a little bit sweet is comparing a baby in the womb to a garden. Just as the attentive gardener tends to their garden and allows it to flourish so does the mother to her child in the womb. The love and attention you give out helps your baby grow and thrive. Yes, true but again a weak comparison.

Why are these weak comparisons? It is simply because  pregnancy is a remarkable and unique time that cannot be compared to anything else. Perhaps that’s why laws around abortion and pregnancy are so tricky.

And pregnancy in humans is more remarkable than any other animal. We are enormously impactful and one person has the power to change the world or at least another person’s life. No one should be allowed to take an innocent life out of mere inconvenience.

Maybe the best comparison of pregnancy is being a parent. That’s because from the moment a woman becomes pregnant she is a mother. She is caring for her child even though she’s never held him or her in her arms. The normalization of abortion has removed the title of mother from women who are pregnant. It shouldn’t be that way. Being a mom is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever done. It’s incredibly exhausting and worrisome but it is so much more wonderful than I ever could have imagined and it started when I became pregnant. I will never forget the days I heard each of their heartbeats on the Doppler. I’ll also never forget the day when I expected to hear my baby’s heartbeat but heard nothing instead. I grieved that child—even though I never held him or her in my arms.

October is infant and pregnancy loss awareness month.