Is Christmas the greatest unplanned pregnancy story?

Abortion is accepted by many as an option when facing an unplanned pregnancy. A mother in this situation experiences many challenges. Abortion delivers the promise that these challenges do not need to be faced. Yet, it fails to explain the devastation that is to follow after abortion. Denying life to an innocent person due to a temporary inconvenience is beyond disgraceful. Yet, it is also a tragic situation for the mothers when so many are led to believe abortion is their solution.

Every child unplanned or planned is a miracle. After all the greatest story of an unplanned pregnancy is that of the Virgin Mary. Imagine if Mary believed the challenges of her pregnancy was too great? Her challenges were significant yet she pursued her divine calling to God.

Uncertainty of Others

An angel of the Lord appeared to Mary to announce her pregnancy to her. This is not the standard way an ordinary woman discovers she is pregnant. But Mary still had to have a conversation with Joseph about her remarkable situation. This is the part of an unplanned pregnancy that many women dread, telling their significant others or the father of their baby. They often worry the father will be unsupportive. Mary perhaps didn’t experience quite that doubt because she received reassurance from God. However, through Options United we offer up prayers to expecting mothers in an effort for them to also gain reassurance from God.

Unforeseen Events during Pregnancy

Mary experienced many unforeseen events during her pregnancy. Traveling almost 100 miles to Bethlehem by donkey? Definitely not a modern day problem but expecting mothers do experience plenty of setbacks or challenges throughout their pregnancies. Without proper support, it may seem easier to choose abortion rather than overcome these challenges.

Financial worries are common in the minds of mothers who have not planned to have a baby. They may be afraid that their own dreams and goals will be halted if they follow through and choose to parent. Sadly, so many are led to believe that being a mother is a hindrance rather than a blessing. Giving mothers the proper support throughout their pregnancies gives them the confidence that they are capable of being a mother and achieving their dreams. It also ensures that if an unforeseen event happens then they may hold the courage to overcome the challenge rather than give up.

Unexpected Support from Others

Mary received support from Joseph and most likely her family but there was also unexpected support she received through others. The Wise Men traveled from afar bearing gifts for newborn Jesus. Shepherds left their flocks and came to visit for the arrival of the Messiah. The Bible doesn’t state how Mary felt about the unexpected visitors but it can be assumed she was grateful for their support.

Sometimes even the smallest gestures can make a big difference to a mother in an unplanned pregnancy. Many pregnancy resource centers we partner with offer baby supplies or gear to new mothers. Depending on the center or clinic they may also provide support through job searching, finding child care, breastfeeding support or parenting classes. And of course, the call responders at Options United and staff at the clinics we refer to offer loving support through words of encouragement and prayer.

No pregnancy is unplanned

When the Angel of the Lord appeared to Mary it was completely unexpected. She had not planned to be pregnant at that time. Joseph certainly did not expect the news either. Yet, Mary’s pregnancy with Jesus was very much planned. God had intricately planned Jesus’s birth and it had been prophesied for many years. God does not make mistakes and no child is a mistake. Even when a pregnancy is unplanned in the eyes of humanity it is not in the eyes of God. Each and every child deserves the right to live and we as humans do not have the authority to deny an innocent child the right to life.