Daniela’s* Story

Daniela* didn’t want her baby. She was ready to abort her child but as she put it in follow up calls “God put her in the path” to choose life. Now, the mother to a beautiful child she says she couldn’t imagine her life without her baby.

Babies are blessings. Sometimes it takes a pause in an abortion vulnerable mother’s thinking for her to realize the gracious gift from God that has been given to her.

During calls that are received through the helpline the goal isn’t to lecture but rather to show kind, compassionate care that allows mothers to take this pause before choosing death for their children.

It is to do as an example from Christ, providing love during a time of uncertainty and worry. Many times these women simply want to be heard. They want to have conversations to understand how to navigate this unknown territory. When a mother turns to the abortion industry during this vulnerable moment they are convinced that they are not capable of mothering their child. Yet, God chose her to be the mother of this child and through a loving, calm, caring approach we hope that each mother who calls in discovers this like Daniela did.