Chloe’s Story

What was the one thing in particular that impacted you during your visit at the pregnancy center?

“When they let me hear my son’s heartbeat and see how big he was, it brought me to tears and I just had to keep him I couldn’t fathom leaving this beautiful life behind. They allowed me to see life is fragile and a blessing.“

Chloe* was recalling the moment to us when she knew she was going to do everything she could to protect her growing baby. She was a little over 20 weeks at this first ultrasound. It must have been quite shocking to see such a developed baby that day especially since she was recently considering an abortion.

A girl who was confused, emotional, and unsure of herself was who we first met over the phone. After her visit at the pregnancy center a much different Chloe* emerged.

She was excited, imagining what it would be like to hold her baby for the first time. After receiving care at the pregnancy resource center she had a new outlook on her life. They were not only kind to her by the way they calmed her emotions but also blessed her with a bassinet, diapers, clothes, a car seat, and most importantly the images from her ultrasound—photos of her baby. Just like many mothers, the first ultrasound is a moment she’ll never forget and cherish forever.

Pregnancy Resource Centers are truly at the forefront of the pro-life movement. Yet, with the competition of abortion clinics within the same areas as these life-affirming pregnancy centers it is difficult for them to get women in the doors before they make the devastating, permanent decision of abortion. Which is why we partner with these centers, Options United uses a model that can compete with the abortion industry and guide women to life. This way, the pregnancy resource centers can focus on helping women after they’ve walked through their doors.