Whitney’s Story

Whitney* was unexpectedly expecting her fifth baby. She didn’t know what she should do or what she was capable of doing. Adoption was something she was considering over abortion or parenting. Yet, she was still very much undecided on what to do,

Confused. She reached out to Options United through the helpline.

Whitney* decided to choose the option of parenting. Although, adoption is a wonderful option for many—through the care she received at the clinic she came to the conclusion that she was more than capable of caring for her child on her own.

What she found very reassuring, as what many expecting mothers discover is the exceptional level of care the pregnancy clinics provide. The life-affirming centers and clinics we partner with are not only qualified to care for women but have a loving and gracious character to help those in need.

Unfortunately, not every mother we speak with chooses life but when they do we love hearing their joyous testimonies and their journeys throughout motherhood.