Where’s a fathers right to choose?

Father’s Day is celebrated to honor the amazing dads in our lives. Most dads are known for their funny stories or perhaps their good advice. But behind all that is someone who cherishes their children and knows just the right balance between fun and seriousness.

Fatherless children are less likely to succeed

Many men who were suppose to be fathers have had that taken from them through abortion. The role of fatherhood is often undervalued yet it is so important for a child’s confidence and mental well being. Yes, there are lots of strong single mothers but an active father who is a positive influence increases the likelihood of their child’s success in life.

Not all fathers see abortion as a solution

Fathering is often put down and in cases of unplanned pregnancies if the father is wanting to parent his opinion is not as important as the mother’s. It is often perceived that in cases of unwanted pregnancies it is usually the father of the child that coerces the mother into an abortion or maybe he doesn’t oppose her having one. Although this does happen, it is not always the case.

Gloria Steinem was once quoted saying “If men had abortions it would be a sacrament.” This statement is incredibly unfair. Men are not able to become pregnant or have abortions so it easy for one to make such a claim without anyone being able to effectively prove it wrong because it cannot be tested. The reality is that fathers have no right to chose life or death for their babies. If a father wants to chose life he is practically powerless.

Helping fathers during unplanned pregnancies

Options United has a crisis line to help mothers choose life for their babies. The majority of the calls are from women facing an unplanned pregnancy but there are many fathers who call in too. Some are wanting to know where and how their partner can get an abortion. Then there are some that are confused on how to handle fatherhood and wanting to know their options. Lastly, there are fathers who call in because the mother of their child chose abortion and they are experiencing post-abortive regret. At Options United, we’re able to help all of these callers by talking to them or guiding them to the right resources.

Knowledge for successful parenting

Not all great fathers start out that way and that’s okay. Most of the pregnancy clinics or centers we partner with have parenting classes available. For fathers, facing an unplanned pregnancy parenting classes can help speed up their knowledge on how to be a present parent. Some situations may seem hopeless at times but we help them see the hope and overcome their doubts.