What’s the pro-life movement missing?

Sometimes the truth is painful to hear. However, through the pain change happens. When I realized what abortion truly was and the impact it has on not only the innocent child, but the child’s mother, and society as a whole—I wanted to do something about it.

So, I started sharing posts about abortion on my social media (losing a few friends along the way—truth hurts) and talking about how horrible abortion was to whomever would listen to me. It felt great to try and convince others but I needed the truth.

I wasn’t doing enough.

What led me to Options United was they are experts in the pro-life movement. Founded over ten years ago they’ve partnered with thousands of pregnancy resource centers providing connections between abortion seeking women and centers or clinics, provided training for the resources centers on how to handle crisis situations, and now provide grant opportunities to these centers and clinics. They’ve also answered tens of thousands of calls of women seeking help guiding them to choose life for their children. And through their app they’ve led prayers (over 2 million) for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Their efficient system is what made me realized that they fully know what they’re doing and I wanted their guidance as well. If I was going to help end abortion, I wanted to make sure I contributed to the pro-life movement in the most efficient way possible.

Instead of just talking about ending abortion and the horrific procedures—which is important—I know believe I am truly making an impact.

So, if you’re not sure where to start in this movement to end abortion or you feel as if you’re not doing enough then contact Options United.

Some suggestions…

-Fill out a volunteer form.
-Start a recurring donation (any amount small to large helps!)
-Start a franchise—a pro-life movement in a specific area—with the Pro-Life Impact Foundation (PLIF)
-Set up a donation through other means other than cash.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find where you need to be in this very important movement to protect life!