“We are at a tipping point”

March for Life returned to Washington D.C. this year and the energy was captivating. The highlight was holding on to the hope that this would be the last March in which Roe v. Wade was still law. New Jersey Representative, Chris Smith stated “We are at a tipping point” in reference to Roe v. Wade being overturned. Kristen Waggoner noted that “leaders and laws must recognize Roe v. Wade’s flaws and that the right to abortion has no basis in our constitution.” Click here to read about how the Dobbs v. Jackson case could lead to overturning Roe v. Wade. Dan Lipinski former Democrat US Representative said “being pro-life should not be a partisan issue. Our creator gives all of us the right to live.” That is just it we are at a tipping point but it is much bigger than Roe v. Wade. Overturning Roe v. Wade will be a huge success for the pro-life movement but it is just one battle, among many, won.

The tipping point, where more people are supporting the pro-life movement is accomplished through those seeing the love within the pro-life community. No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, there is no cancel culture in this community. People being people make mistakes. In case of abortion, often times mothers are misled. Such is the case of Lisa Robertson and Toni McFadden who spoke at the march. Both women are still haunted by their previous choices of abortion yet both exclaimed they are redeemed by the grace of God. Robertson spoke about how the abortion clinic told her lies that her pregnancy was nothing and just a mere clump of cells. McFadden with a similar experience at the clinic, had a chemical abortion at only 7 weeks yet suffered hemorrhaging a month after taking the medication. Both women grieved their lost child even though the abortion clinics told them they would not. They only found love through the pro-life community.

Makayla Kook spoke and she reached out to the pro-life community before going to an abortion clinic. She stated that being a young, single mother has not been an easy road but through the support she received from Mary’s Shelter in Virginia she felt capable. It as obvious to anyone watching that her daughter was her whole world and she stated just that during her speech.

Women and their children are directly impacted by the devastation of abortion. However, abortion affects more than just them. There were signs at the march with the words “I miss my aborted sibling” and George Schuberg spoke on the importance of every kind of person in the pro-life movement. He stated as men, it is their duty to protect the vulnerable. He encouraged whoever you are to pray in front of an abortion clinic and witness the power of God working in the hearts of others to choose life for their children. Prayer is powerful. During the 40 Days of Life prayer campaign clinics experience more women changing their minds and choosing life. So whether you’re a mother or not, a woman or man, young or old—your prayers are needed in this movement. If you can’t get to an abortion clinic to pray you can download our AppforLife and pray for mothers considering abortion in real time.

Next, Kirk Cameron spoke about how the pro-life community has impacted his life. He is a known actor from the hit series Growing Pains but his favorite role is that of a father. He’s a father of six, four of his children were adopted. Without their mothers choosing life his family would have been incomplete. Actually, his family would not be here without his wife who had also been adopted so without her adoption, their biological children would also never had been born. As hopeful as he is about Roe v. Wade being overturned he acknowledges that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House or what the laws say. He states “our hope is in God working in the hearts of his people”. Abortion is more than just a social issue and it is only through constant prayer and love that we can change the minds of others.

The keynote speaker was Father Mike Schmitz who spoke of a woman named Helen. I highly encourage watching the whole speech as he tells the story perfectly on how one small action can leave a lasting impact. Helen didn’t see the results of her actions instantly, in fact she would never see the full impact. Click here to listen to is his full speech it is powerful and under 10 minutes.

The overall theme of the March for Life was every child matters. If you’re in the position to give a little or a lot, it only takes around $16 a month to save a child’s life within a year. Please consider partnering with us a saving a child’s life this year. Click here and chose recurring donation, choosing the amount you wish to contribute each month.