Valerie’s Story

Physically, Valerie* was starting to feel better than she was a few weeks ago. She also wasn’t sure if she felt kicks from her developing baby or if it was just her ever present hunger pains. Mentally however she was a complete wreck. She felt a bit of relief knowing she still had options to end her pregnancy because she was barely showing and with big sweatshirts it was almost impossible for anyone to pick up on her secret.

She called into Options United because she hadn’t broke the news with anyone and she desperately needed some kind of guidance. Abortion was something she was wanting to do but she was scared. The time to act was now because she didn’t know much about abortion but though social media she knew there were restrictions and she wasn’t sure how far along she was at the time.

However, she received a huge sense of relief when the call responder at Options United gave her the option that she could continue with her pregnancy. Being as young as she was Valerie previously considered the option of birthing her child only a little bit. Yet, after speaking with us she felt more at ease and more confident that she could do this.

At the clinic she noticed they also treated her kindly. She thought since she was only a teenager and she had become pregnant that people would be judgmental. Yet, it was quite the opposite. During her call, the call responder ask if she could follow up and pray for her. The staff at the clinic were also God-centered and reminded her that she and her child were important.

Valerie is expecting a little boy this May and she is overjoyed to become a mom.