The Unexpected Victims of Abortion

Who are the victims of abortion? The obvious victim is the innocent unborn.
But what about women who have abortions? Can they be considered victims?

In some countries, forced abortions due to child household limits are real and do happen. This is a complete tragedy as the mother absolutely values the life of her child. They can easily be called victims as their child was unwillingly ripped from them.

It’s their choice, right?

What about women who choose to have abortions like in the United States and other countries where abortion is legal? These women elect to have abortions. It is their choice. Afterwards they may intensely regret their decision. They realize their mistake only for it to be too late. But this is what they wanted. How can they be considered a victim when this is what they elected and signed to do?

The answer is misinformation. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry continuously devalue the life of unborn babies. Instead of referring to an abortion as dismembering or disintegrating a baby they will say “removal of the pregnancy”. Illustrations of fetal development are simplified. If an illustration is represented of the first trimester then they are shown at the actual size or smaller, making them difficult to see. This is very tiny but size doesn’t make an unborn baby less of a person.

The presence of a heartbeat is an obvious sign of life. Fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as 5 1/2 weeks by ultrasound. This is around the time when many women find out they are pregnant. If heartbeat bills continue to pass in states then the amount of abortions would decrease significantly. Yet, the abortion industry has resorted to downplaying the miracle of a baby’s first heartbeat by calling it “cardiac rhythm”.

This continual approach of devaluing unborn lives is incredibly destructive as many women in difficult situations will opt for an abortion from the premise that they are not actually taking a life. They are under the cloud of misinformation that their babies are not a life, rather a clump of cells. Whenever a woman attempts to do her own research into abortion, the internet search results are dominated with pro-choice viewpoints.

“Abortion is normal.”

The other issue is normalization of abortion. Many celebrities support abortion and with large followings on social media it leads to greater exposure resulting in many women believing it is acceptable. Campaigns such as “shout your abortion” have been created in an attempt to normalize abortion and present it as a simple medical procedure. The motto of Planned Parenthood was to make abortions accessible yet rare. The recent shift in taglines by abortion industries are “abortions are essential” and “abortion is healthcare”. Where will it stop?

Stand Up for Life

We cannot continue to allow this stance to grow and to evolve. Many pro-life supporters are hesitant to shout their view in fear of the backlash they may face. We shouldn’t be silenced because we stand for life.

The pro-life stance is simple. Life starts at conception, science proves this. If someone is pro-choice they must be comfortable with the fact that they support the taking of an innocent life every time an abortion is completed.