The Hypocrisy of Pro-choice Beliefs

Simple vs. complicated

The core belief of the pro-life movement is simple. It is wrong to end an innocent human life. With science on our side, it is a fact that life begins at conception. Therefore all abortions at any stage in pregnancy are wrong. It really is that simple.

The core beliefs of the pro-choice movement are not that simple. It’s because their entire movement is embedded in falsehoods, out-dated beliefs, refuted scientific claims, and misguided information. There are several hypocrisies pro- choice supporters regularly display. These are just three of them.

Hypocrisy #1 “It’s only a baby when I want it to be a baby”

A baby doesn’t become human only if she is wanted. At the moment of conception a human starts developing. It’s science and it’s a fact. Yet, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry releases articles and content describing a clump of cells or refers to a developing life as “the pregnancy”. This language is used to dehumanize babies in the womb.

It’s not just the abortion industry that is the culprit but also pro-choice supporters. The ones with the loudest voices are celebrities. With their huge platforms they are able to freely use such language to impact millions of regular women and girls. Their hypocrisy is easy to point out whenever a pregnancy announcement is made. By only looking at announcements in 2020 I was able to find several cases of such hypocrisy.


Gigi Hadid announced earlier this year she was “growing an angel”. Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their baby girl in September 2020. Yet in May 2019 she posted a pro-abortion post attempting to redefine pro-life in response to Georgia’s heartbeat bill. Another pro-abortion post to show her support was posted in October 2017 with a quote from Gloria Steinem.



Meghan Trainor excitedly announced on Instagram “WE’RE PREGNANT” with a picture of her baby on an ultrasound on October 7, 2020. This is the same Meghan Trainor who was quoted in a  Jezebel article saying

“When you can’t get reasonably priced health care or an abortion because your physical anatomy has become an active political tool to gain or lose voters? Love yourself more.”




Mandy Moore also announced her pregnancy this year stating she and her husband are having a baby boy due early 2021.

Mandy Moore an outspoken Planned Parenthood supporter starred in a Christmas variety show benefiting the leading abortion provider in 2017.






And then there was the devastating story of Chrissy Teigen. Her and her husband, John Legend were expecting their third child when she suffered a late miscarriage. She documented the experience in an Instagram post. Teigen also very outspoken on abortion rights was visibly heartbroken in her photos. The loss of a child is real whether that is inside the womb or outside of it. Unfortunately Teigen and her husband experienced this pain and tragedy firsthand.

The hypocrisy of “it’s only a baby when it’s wanted” is damaging to regular women facing unplanned pregnancies. Many celebrities advocate for so called abortion rights with no regards to the pain a mother experiences after losing her child. All babies whether their mother is a celebrity or not deserve life.

Hypocrisy #2 Supporting the abortion industry but not pregnancy centers

Last month we featured a blog post highlighting the amazing work Pregnancy Resource Centers do to support women. Read it here

Pro-choice supporters will often state the “other work” Planned Parenthood does to support women. Yet, it is minimal. Abortion is their focus not other services that are offered. Pregnancy Resource Centers and Clinics focus their work on helping women before, during, and after pregnancy. They open their doors to more than the mother seeking a free ultrasound. Rather, many provide free or low cost STD testing, Pap smears, prenatal care, and even parenting support. If you’re advocating for abortion because of the other work these abortion clinics may do than it doesn’t make sense. Pregnancy Resource Centers and clinics are able to provide the same, often times better care through their services. The abortion industry is also doing a disservice to women by pushing abortion. Pregnancies can happen unexpectedly but the growing and birth of a child is not a tragedy. Abortion is a tragedy. A new life is a miracle not something to grieve. So, why is abortion seen as empowering and pregnancy a set back?

Hypocrisy #3 Pregnancy will ruin your life yet abortion is empowering

Pregnancy is temporary but abortion is forever. The guilt a mother experiences after choosing abortion is not empowering. It’s damaging.

There was a UCSF study released in January 2020 claiming 99% of women surveyed did not regret their abortions. In an attempt to shatter the pro-life belief that abortions harm women, this extremely flawed study was released. The women surveyed recently had an abortion (within 5 years). As Christianity Today states in their article (read it here) trauma does not normally expose itself until 5 years or later. Sometimes a woman may not feel the true pain of regret and guilt until 10 or 15 years after her abortion. It is however extremely rare to find a mother at any point in her life who regrets having her child. Motherhood may be difficult and could possibly be the wrong choice for some women but that doesn’t mean abortion is the solution. Adoption is a loving option for mothers choosing not to parent.


In short, if one chooses to be pro-choice you must accept the fact that you are okay with ending an innocent life. Pro-choice views are complicated because the simple truth of what they’re advocating for is vehemently wrong.