Serena’s Story

A second heartbeat within your body is a remarkable sound to hear. Despite efforts to label a preborn child’s heartbeat as manufactured or random cardiac activity, it doesn’t work. During Serena’s* ultrasound she heard her child’s heartbeat. In that moment she knew there was a miracle growing in her body. Her child’s heartbeat was steady not random.

The abortion industry pushes propaganda to mothers in crisis pregnancies. These talking points are “abortion is normal”, “it’s a simple procedure similar as easy as getting a cavity taken care of”, or “it’s pregnancy tissue not a living human”.

The mission of Options United is to lead mothers in crisis pregnancies to choose life for their children. There are no tactics used when speaking to mothers it is listening while helping her work through her issues she’s facing, and giving her options along with resources in choosing life for her child.

“There is no way I can have an abortion now. They showed me my baby’s heartbeat and I know she is a living human.”

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