Pro-Life Christmas Challenge

Written by: María Belén Eyheramonho

Two millenniums ago, Baby Jesus was born. There was no room for Him, and many hardened hearts even tried to kill Him. Nowadays, we want to make room for Him, welcoming every baby, every life.

Today we propose you a Pro-Life Christmas Challenge:one little action to perform each day from Dec. 1st to Dec. 25th, preparing our hearts for Christmas, while building up and nurturing a culture of life.

How Exciting! Ready? Go!

Dec 1st – Be thankful for the blessing of your own life.

Dec 2nd – Bring a gift to your closest rescue squad. They save lives!

Dec 3rd – Call or visit a friend needing your company.

Dec 4th – Offer an act of service at home.

Dec 5th – Perform your regular duties with a joyful spirit.

Dec 6th – Practice patience today.

Dec 7th – Pray for those who are sick.

Dec 8th – Set up a Manger at home, or other Christmas family tradition.

Dec 9th – Give your time to someone who needs to be listened.

Dec 10th – Praise family members or friends for their virtues.

Dec 11th – Be thankful to God for something good that happened to you this month.

Dec 12th – Pray for every human being today.

Dec 13th – Watch a pro-life or a Christmas movie.

Dec 14th – Chose one virtue to practice today.

Dec 15th – Pray for families in need.

Dec 16th – Bring a donation of diapers to your closest crisis pregnancy center.

Dec 17th – Offer an evening of free baby-sitting to a friend.

Dec 18th – Read an inspiring pro-life story.

Dec 19th – Share a pro-life post in your social media.

Dec 20th – Bring a Christmas gift for a family in need to your favorite non-profit organization.

Dec 21st – Pray for those suffering war, poverty or loneliness.

Dec 22nd – Call an elderly relative today.

Dec 23rd – Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Dec 24th – Pray for every pregnant woman.

Dec 25th – Be filled with the Joy of Christmas!