Pass the Torch to the Next Generation

Did you know the up and coming generation is the most pro-life in decades? With incredible advancements in science, technology, and social movements, it’s becoming more and more apparent to the youth that abortion is harmful to both women and their children in the womb.

We know what a fetus is – it’s a pre-born baby with its own heart starting to beat between 18-21 days and the ability to feel pain at around 20 weeks.

We know what an abortion is – it’s a procedure to end a baby’s life in the womb through pills, a saline solution, or surgery to dismember and extract the fetus.

We know the effects abortion has on women – it can cause damage to the reproductive organs, heavy bleeding, cramping, future infertility or pregnancy complications, eating disorders, insomnia, nightmares, depression, guilt, isolation, suicidality, infection, and even death.

My generation has all of the tools we need to uncover these truths. With the proliferation of social media, undercover investigations, and readily available information online, there is no excuse for ignorance.

We also care about justice for all people and strive to create a better world. This mobilizes our generation to rise up with the truth and compassion needed to help women in crisis by lovingly encouraging them towards life. If you’re wondering what the future of the pro-life movement looks like, look no further than the pro-life youth.

Young pro-lifers are starting student-run organizations in high school, college, medical school, law school, and even homeschool groups. We host events on campus such as movie nights, informative displays on topics like the corruption of Planned Parenthood, and even throw baby showers for pregnant students. We lobby in our capitol buildings and flood our representatives with calls regarding pending legislation. We recruit other students, educate them, and mobilize them to be effective life-long activists. We even collect baby and maternity items for young mothers in need and urge our student governments to implement various resources and accommodations for pregnant and parenting students on campus.

We are passionate.

We are dedicated.

We have the time, energy, and innovation to impact our culture in a powerful and lasting way.

The future looks bright with young pro-life leaders at the helm. So what can you do to help these teenagers and young adults? Encourage them, pray for them, provide financial assistance when you can, donate resources like baby items or pizza for their meetings, and help them connect with other prominent individuals and organizations they can work with. We can all do our part to empower the next generation, whether it be in big or small ways. So be present, but allow them the space they need to brainstorm, innovate, and succeed. I assure you, they are ready to take up the torch if you’ll just pass it on to them.