Lily’s Story

Lily * was determined to have an abortion. “I didn’t care what anyone had to say about me having an abortion, I scheduled it and did not want to hear I was wrong.” Despite being set on getting an abortion she still reached out to us through our helpline. By calling, she could validate her decision to have an abortion because she believed whatever Options United said she would disagree.

However, when she called she was surprised that the call responder was not trying to coerce her to be a mother. Rather, she was met with a caring person who listened to her concerns. Throughout the conversation Lily * was doubting her decision to get an abortion. She was informed she had other options. If she wanted to parent then Options United could get an appointment to a clinic to provide care and a resource center for parenting support. If she wasn’t ready to be a mother, Options United would be able to help her with adoptions services. She started to realize she had options and she had support.

At the end of the call Lily * knew she didn’t want an abortion. Before calling she didn’t realize the doubts she was feeling. Abortion seemed so normal and a choice many women make every day. If it were so common than how could it be wrong? She realized how misguided she had been.

Lily * is forever grateful she made the call. It help her uncover her doubts on abortion and led her to choose life for her baby!