Lessons from motherhood

In an attempt to encourage my daughter to be more active I would ask her to go for a walk with me around the neighborhood or play a game outside. She was not enthused or even slightly motivated.

So I tried a different approach. I started working out at home in front of her. It was a mere two minutes after I started my workout when she pushed her gymnastics mat next to me and started mimicking my movements.

Actions speak louder than words and this doesn’t end once you’ve grown into adulthood. This same concept applies when advocating for pre-born lives. Leading by example rather than simply talking about it will result in others taking action as well.

So, how do you show your pro-life supportiveness without being boastful?

Would it be possible for someone to know you’re pro-life without you saying you’re pro-life?

When you start giving to a cause whether it may be through time or donations it becomes noticeable to others. What is noticeable is your kindness and your willingness to help others—even those you’ve never met. Kindness is contagious and others will learn through your actions.

Another lesson I’ve learned is gentle teaching over yelling is much more effective. It can be frustrating when I have to repeat myself or teach the same concept to my child for the zillionth time. Showing my frustration only leads to more frustration as my child normally doesn’t respond well to me raising my voice. Instead, figuring out the root of the issue or the point in the concept she isn’t grasping is far better when finding to a solution.

Whenever someone is a defending pro-choice views—yelling or insulting them is only going to put them on the defense, causing your words to fall on deaf ears. Instead, listen to their afflictions and then they are much more likely to listen to yours.