Kimberly’s Story

A mother facing an unplanned pregnancy may see it as a burden. The fear of the unknown drives many women to choose abortion instead of life for their child.

Kimberly* expressed how she was scared. She wasn’t sure what to do and that was more to her pregnancy than she anticipated. She was having twins.

Although she was overwhelmed and scared of what was to come felt supported after the call to Options United. When she first took a pregnancy test she didn’t feel prepared to care for one baby. After being connected to resources to help her she felt confident enough to care for two babies.

Abortions of multiples in a pregnancy is an interesting discussion, in particular a selective reduction abortion. A selective reduction abortion is when an abortion is performed in a pregnancy with multiples. So, with twins one twin will be aborted while the other is spared. This is a conundrum to both pro-choice and pro-life supporters. But why?

Pro-life supporters ask why would a mother choose to abort one child and save the other? Twin pregnancies pose more risk to the mother and her children as opposed to a singleton pregnancy but a highly invasive procedure such as abortion is an unnecessary risk she willingly takes. Twins as opposed to one child do present a bit more responsibility in needs and finances but that is not worth taking a child’s life.

Some pro-choice supporters take issue  with selective reduction abortion because it exposes all of the errors in major talking points of a pro-choice argument. When babies are wanted they are cared for and nurtured, when they are not it is about the woman and her livelihood. Having one baby that is wanted and one that is not presents a hypocritical stance in the same womb.

Abortion is a dangerous procedure. If successful it ends in death. The abortion industry wants women to fear pregnancy. Yet, Kimberly* who wasn’t prepared to mother one child became empowered to be a mother to both of her precious children. Don’t let the abortion industry instill fear in mothers from doing what they are capable of doing. If you know anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy please lead them to the same helpline and website that helped Kimberly choose life for her babies.

“I’m really thankful I made the decision to keep my pregnancy.”