Another massacre, another day

It’s the beginning of December and just before Thanksgiving there was a horrible Christmas parade tragedy. On December 1, 2021 another school shooting leaving four families without one their children. Before that was the bizarre tragedy at the Travis Scott concert leaving ten dead.

These unexplainable, horrific occurrences are shocking and terrible. As I scroll through social media reading post after post trying to find answers to  is happening I also read some of the comments.

One commenter on the Christmas parade tragedy casually stated “this is what happens when you celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, lol”. Many others commented back on how insensitive she was being in which she replied that it was “just a joke”.

In that incident alone, six people lost their lives including a child along with several others in serious condition many of them children. An absolute tragedy to say the least.

What motivates these individuals to commit such horrific acts is beyond my own comprehension and I can only begin to explain it by thinking it was motivated by pure evilness. But what also strikes me is the comments surrounding the tragedies and the disrespectful nature of them under the guise of being a joke.

The Christian side of me is seeing the issue as a lack of God in our nation. The irony is that God is written on our currency, in our founding documents, and stated in our pledge of allegiance just to name a few. Yet, we are a nation that celebrates self-love over the right to life of a baby in the womb. We are not a nation that follows God or His teachings.

Even someone whose is not a believer can see the complete disregard of human life throughout America. A fatal accident happens on the road and people slow down to gawk at what happened. Hundreds of thousands of views of footage taken from people’s smartphones of tragedies are seen and some leave funny comments on these posts ignoring decency and respect acknowledging that someone’s loved one was lost. This disregard of human life starts with abortion and has festered into other issues within America resulting in tragedies in which people read the headline then their eye glaze over and they move onto the next thing.

It’s disturbing.

You are not going to be able to change everyone’s mind. You alone are not going to be able to stop massacres in our schools, on our streets, or ones happening in abortion clinics everyday but you can cause a mother to stop and think about the tragedy that she would be contributing to before she moves forward with an abortion.

If we start fighting back against these tragedies with good works maybe we can change the direction of our nation. We can once again become a nation that values life over selfishness.