Abby’s Story

Abby* was asked why she chose life for her baby this was her response:

It’s amazing, pregnancy is amazing and powerful how a woman can grow a life and just the fact of having a child to love and adore.

Pregnancy is remarkable and women are blessed in that we are able to experience it. We are life-givers. When Abby* called Options United she didn’t think she could afford to bring a child into the world. However, after speaking with Options United and visiting a pregnancy resource center her outlook changed. She was given a new perspective on how remarkable pregnancy is and the women who carry their children. At the center she was not only given resources to care for her child but also shown how a baby develops in the womb. The staff at the clinic were caring and listened to any concerns she had. Through this care she realized that her baby was truly a blessing.

Abby and her partner now look forward to watching their precious girl grow up. With so much love and adoration for their child, they can’t imagine life without her. Abby was also grateful for the check in call from staff to see how she was adjusting after her daughter was born. It is her hope that more women who are also in need are able to find the helpline to connect with PRCs like the one who helped her.

It is our hope as well that mothers facing unplanned pregnancies are able to take a pause and navigate their options before going to the abortion clinic. Options United makes this possible through effective marketing strategies and partnerships with Pregnancy Resource Centers.