Tori’s Story

When you’re not planning to become pregnant it can be quite shocking. A sign outside of a local pregnancy center led Tori into its doors. It was for a free pregnancy test and she wanted to be certain she was pregnant so that she could figure out her next steps. When she was at the center a pregnancy test was given confirming she was going to have a baby! Tori* never considered an abortion but she did need help in her journey to motherhood. It is the hope of Options United and pregnancy centers we partner with that mothers do not have abortions. However, if they are simply in need and wanting to parent as in Tori’s* situation she is still treated with the same care as others.

Tori stated that she felt supported from the very first day she came to the center and throughout her pregnancy. A staff member gave her gifts for her baby and all of the staff in general were caring and helpful. Tori responded saying she has so much love for all the ladies who helped her in this journey. “I hope that God gives them a little of everything that they give us with all their hearts, infinite thanks, she is an angel on the path of many mommies.”

At Options United, we want women to know there are other options besides abortion. It is also at the heart of our mission to help mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. Tori never considered an abortion but we are so grateful she decided to receive the support and care from a pregnancy center. It is more than ending a social issue or taking sides, it’s about having a heart to help others in need. It is about loving others.

Her beautiful baby boy was born and when we asked her how does it feel to have your baby in your arms she replied that she was “very happy, extremely happy!”.