What Options United Does With Your Support

It’s that time of year again – the season of giving. We know there are many causes tugging at your heartstrings. There’s only so much one can give so it can be difficult to determine where your generosity would be best spent. We hope Options United will be an organization you consider supporting this Giving Tuesday.

What separates Options United from other pro-life causes? There are countless wonderful organizations working diligently for life, but Options United fills a gap within the pro-life movement.

We UNITE pro-life organizations using the internet to reach women in crisis. Then, we direct these women towards their local clinic, center, or other organization to provide the free resources, services, and support they need to choose LIFE.

Supporting us allows us to support other pro-life clinics and centers, sending them clients who may have never heard of or considered visiting their local pregnancy center.

Working together saves more lives – over 2,600 during the 10 years Options United has existed. We not only refer to local clinics and centers, but adoption organizations and post-abortive counselors to end the cycle of disregard for human life. We’re here for women during and after their pregnancy – helping guide them to make the best decision for themselves and their baby.

To do this, our costs are simple…

A fully-staffed call center of compassionate professionals, responding to calls, texts, emails, and online forms.

Effective online marketing strategies to reach women where they’re at in a crisis – behind their phone or laptop screen.

We fully dedicate our attention, funding, and mission to providing women in crisis with real help and real options. And what we see is real results – women who decide against abortion in favor of adoption or parenting after talking to our call responders, speaking with the clinic or center staff, or encountering her baby through the ultrasound – a moment where it all becomes real.

When we follow up with these women, we often hear about their change of heart. That’s why we do this. We don’t just work to save the baby – we save the mother, too, from the powerful abortion industry that actively tries to steal her child from her with lies and deceit.

When the pro-life movement works together to reach women where they’re at and provide comprehensive help, lives are changed forever.

We couldn’t do this work without our one-time and monthly donors, helping us keep our call center staffed daily with highly-trained, genuine responders who assess each woman’s situation, leading her to the specific help she needs.

Your support allows us to reach more women on the online platforms they’re constantly using, especially when they’re in a crisis situation seeking a quick fix.

It takes only $76 to save a life. There is no better gift than life. Please help us fight for it. You can donate here!

We can’t thank you enough for your support, prayers, encouragement, and generosity!