What is in a Name

Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind our name? It is not a traditional pro-life moniker — neither “options” nor “united” are often found in pro-life group names.

That’s because we’re all about changing the game in the pro-life movement. Both parts of ourname speak to our mission to end abortion everywhere.

Let’s start with “options”

Women in this country are overwhelmingly told they have no options. In vulnerable situations they are only presented with one way forward. By utilizing and strengthening the national pro-life clinic network, we are educating pregnant women about their many options. Including their most important one: to choose life.

What about “united”?

There’s a lot of meaning packed into this one word. First of all, we use digital marketing and technology to unite pro-life efforts and collaborative initiatives. Working together we will go further in our fight for life. If we are not united, then we pay a 500% premium in digital advertising; this markup makes it almost impossible to compete with abortion providers.

There’s a second, more basic, reason we have “united” in our name. We believe that we were all created equally. We as a human race come from one Creator, one common source. Despite our apparent differences, we are fundamentally united. This connection drives all of us, beyond the concepts of ideologies and philosophies, to protect the most vulnerable.

So what’s in a name? Our mission, our method and our unifying values.

Take part in these values by considering giving just $76. Why $76? Because our research has shown that that’s all it takes to save a child’s life. www.optionsunited.com/donate

Thanks for being part of our mission to save the unborn.