Reactions to David Daleiden’s $2 Million Loss to Planned Parenthood

2019 is a strange year to be living in. Kanye West is performing gospel services in prisons. Celebrities are boycotting the Salvation Army. Parents are forcing their children to physically change their gender. The world feels completely topsy turvy with morality being manipulated and contorted into the most unbelievable ways.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve recently been hit with the disappointing news of David Daleiden’s case.

In case you haven’t heard, David Daleiden is a pro-life activist who conducted undercover investigations against Planned Parenthood from 2013-2014 with chilling results.

Daleiden found that Planned Parenthood was illegally SELLING baby body parts for profit, which violates federal law. Some videos even showed Planned Parenthood employees discussing skirting or completely disregarding the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.

Of course, Planned Parenthood didn’t just take those accusations lying down, even with the abundance of damning video evidence.

A brief overview of the case and verdict can be found here:


Coincidentally, we just named David Daleiden one of our National Inspirational Role Models in a series on our Instagram, which can be found on our profile’s highlights.

A couple of days after this feature, the news on Daleiden’s case emerged and I was floored. Dumbfounded. Angry. After the success of Unplanned, exposing the disgusting practices of Planned Parenthood, it’s hard to come to terms with this outcome.

The American government is supposed to be by the people, for the people. But this verdict was clearly not for the people.

Judge Orrick was in the pocket of Planned Parenthood, “aiding and abetting” a multimillion-dollar corporation and swaying the jury by preventing the presentation of crucial evidence. I thought, in a culture so concerned with social justice, innocent individuals were supposed to be valued over big businesses?

But every time there is a loss like this, I’m reminded of the truth.

We’re winning.

The case for life is being understood and accepted as truth more and more each day. Science is on our side. Morality is on our side. And now we must make the law follow. My generation is the most pro-life in decades. We are the future. We recognize the value and sanctity of life, and will fight tooth and nail to protect it.

Although I’m incredibly discouraged by what has happened, Daleiden said, “The rigged verdict Judge Orrick was able to extract from the jury to feed Planned Parenthood’s media narrative is not the last word on this bogus hoax of a lawsuit.”

Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, who represented Daleiden, also added, “Rather than face up to its heinous doings, Planned Parenthood chose to persecute the person who exposed it. I am fully confident that when this case has run its course, justice will prevail, and David will be vindicated.”

There are legions of pro-life professionals, activists, and normal citizens who are determined to keep fighting for Daleiden and the victims of Planned Parenthood – mothers and babies alike. I don’t know what we’re going to do about this blatant injustice and disregard for Constitutional rights, but someone does. And as soon as they give me my marching orders, I’m stepping up to fight.