Pro-Life Hope & Slavery: The Principle of Natural Human Equality

The pro-life struggle to defend all innocent human life is often compared to the struggle against slavery in the 19th Century. It is a valid analogy.

Viewing a slave as “not fully human” animated those who wanted to keep slavery.  It is the same argument used by those who advocate for abortion.

All human life is of equal value and, as history proves, requires us to struggle for this right to life and equality. Two centuries ago a powerful minority deemed themselves superior to fellow human beings and fought a war to hold onto their way of life that included the institution of slavery.

Lessons from the past should prevent our nation from future mistakes and pain. As pointed out in this article, the principle of natural human equality eventually worked its way through the hearts and minds of the Founding Fathers and into our legal system. It provided the clear-cut reason as to why slavery must be ended.

Our forefathers knew how to work the levers of the government they established and toward a just and healthy nation. We should learn from them; to continue the fight for justice using this same principle of equality.

As the son’s and daughter’s of liberty,  Options United and the pro-life movement are animated by this principle of equality of all human life.  We should use every tool of modern science and technology to mobilize our just and urgent cause: all men are created equal.

As a strange side note, while we struggle with this dark legacy of Roe v. Wade, the New York Times seems to re-hash history and denigrate our nation’s founding that was based on this principle of all people being equal. One must wonder why tear down a noble legacy… The powerful minority should be called out again.  History tends to repeat itself.

In the Creator we trust.