Written by Julie Stuckenschneider

Once the abortion is over the emotional aftereffects is often overlooked and something she’ll have to deal with. Many women seek professional help to cope with the shame and guilt that follows an abortion.

I spoke with a counselor who has been helping women just like this for roughly 20 years through ministry work as a preacher and a licensed counselor. He stated that majority of women don’t seek counseling for 10-20 years after having an abortion. He also reported that many of these women came to him with feelings of grief, shame and isolation. In his experience most of these women do not feel instant emotions right after terminating a baby
but it comes much later in life, usually around the time they do decide to have children. It is when holding their newborn baby in their arms they will feel grief and shame for having murdered one or more babies previously in their lives and they really struggle dealing with that. He stated that when they come to him with such feelings it is not so much as advice he gives, because they already know the truth of their decision, but it is more helping them cope with these emotions. He also directs these women toward support groups and lets them know they are not alone.

When asked how he helps debunk the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice argument he stated that the terminology for the conversation is already a lose lose deal. As a believer in Christ he looks at it more as a Pro- Life/Pro-Death decision.

Either you let life begin or you kill it.

When questioned about how to hold this conversation with non believers he says he always asks them a question. He’ll ask when did they first start loving their living child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc? Was it as soon as you found out they were conceived or not until they were in your arms? Someone may try to argue that question but it is one that is relatable to every walk of life and will get that person thinking more in regards to when life begins.